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"Taking classes from a person as skilled as Joel was quite the experience. Definitely changed my perspective on the way I see color - from the monitor to print. He’s been doing this a long time so go ahead ask him a question, a stupid one even, or his personal criticism. I’m sure he’s ready to share his honest opinion."

- Jed Vergara
Digital Coloring Pro
Digital Painting Basics


"To everyone planning to take his workshop:

Just when you thought you knew a lot about Photoshop, think again.

Because in Sir Joel’s workshop, you will learn everything you didn’t know, plus techniques that will make your art look reeaally good. He’ll teach you everything you’ll ever need, in the quickest and most efficient way.

And you WILL improve. A LOT. You’ll have fun while learning too! hehe.

I give it a three thumbs up! (if i had an extra one..haha)

Thanks Sir Joel!"

- Louie Lu
Digital Coloring Pro


"I enjoyed Joel Chua’s workshop. The one-on-one and pair methods really means you get a lot of attention from him and he can comment about details like your strokes and other nuances. Really really helpful!"

- Rafael Ortiz
Digital Painting Basics


Not sure which workshop is best for you??

Contact us to arrange your free 30-minute assessment and demo at the studio!

You can also ask for updated prices!

There are 3 Pixel Pintura Workshops:

Digital Coloring BASICS

image digital coloring basics

Express yourself both online
and offline with your own
digitally-colored drawings!!

One can do cool things coloring on Photoshop.

You can color your own Internet avatar, comic strip, mobile phone screensaver, and definitely create eye-catching art for projects, scrapbooks, letters, and of course your own blog and profile on the web. After this workshop, you can also play around with your friends’ photos if they let you!

Introducing the essentials needed to scan, clean up, set up and then color drawings in Photoshop. Includes basic color theory. Recommended for ages 12+ and those with less than a year of acquaintance with Adobe Photoshop - the world’s premiere photo-editing software.

Your choice of 4 sessions, 3 hours per session or 6 sessions, 2 hours per session.

Digital Coloring PRO

image digital coloring pro

Your skeleton key into a world of
dynamic color results at blazing speeds!! A workshop you won't find anywhere else in the Philippines!!

Your command over specific software skills and your quality of artistic thinking are very valuable in producing high-quality artwork at high-speeds. You’ll get them both in this intense workshop. But be ready for some heat, because we won’t sugarcoat on your learning.

The PRO workshop condenses the BASICS and cuts very quickly into very rigorous territory. Not only will you learn typical Photoshop skills, you will learn specific techniques in painting, lighting, composition, and design that you can use in the creation of comics, concept art, game art, animation backgrounds, and even advertising art.

Recommended for those who have the passion to both express and impress through digital art and who also take their own education seriously.

7 sessions, 3 hours per session.

Digital Painting BASICS

image digital painting basics

Develop your skills towards faithfully
observing and sculpting line, shape,
color, and pattern to complete a picture.

You will learn the tools and theories needed for achieving the look of opaque paint on paper & canvas. You will be painting digitally from still-life, landscape, & portrait photos.

An excellent choice for 3D artists seeking to balance out their repertoire of concept art skills or for people who are searching for something new, recreational, and profitable to do on the PC!

7 sessions. 3 hours per session
. Recommended for those 15 and above. And it is highly recommended you own a graphic tablet at home.