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"I think what I liked most about the workshops whether it be digital coloring or painting was the invaluable color lesson. It seems so easy to just randomly pick out colors from the color picker but seriously, half the time I pick out the wrong colors to use. After the workshops though I got a better understanding in choosing colors and setting the best palette to work with.

His critique is great too! It’s especially helpful to people like me who just learn from books and have nearly zero formal training in art.It had me work on my weakpoints (still working on them though hahaha) which I didn’t even know were my weaknesses before."

- Zhayne Soriano
Digital Coloring Basics
Digital Coloring Pro
Digital Painting Basics


"Oh the lessons he teaches are useful for photoshop beginners. this workshop is great for those who wants to get a good “kick-off” knowledge on how to handle Photoshop.

You guys dont have to worry getting your stye changed, since mr.Joel will work around your coloring style - a very good way to invest if you really want to learn digital colouring/painting. i took 2 courses from him myself."

- Billy Hernaez
Digital Coloring Pro
Digital Painting Basics


"Ang dami kong natutunan na Photoshop shortcuts that I never used. Nag-improve din ang digital painting techniques ko. Thanks Joel!"

- Anna Chua
Digital Painting Basics


"Joel Chua’s workshop really helped me with the way I do my illustrations. I used to have a hard time with colors that I often omit them. But now I tend to favor digital painting over sketching."

- Raymond Sunico
Digital Painting Basics

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Digital Coloring BASICS

"This workshop rocks!! \m/ It helped me out a lot. This is photoshop made easier for kids like me! You should try it too. The teacher is very good! *2 thumbs up* :)) Get this workshop and learn from the best!! WOHHOOOO! Thanks for the lessons!! :>"

- Kezia Kong
Digital Coloring BASICS

Alexandra de Guzman
Kezia Kong
Makiss Sataraipan
Samantha de Guzman
Victor Ilagan

Digital Coloring PRO

"Joel is one of the fastest and most talented colorists I know. I was able to assemble a very nice portfolio after taking his lessons, and got into advertising even though I had zero experience in graphic arts. Now I work for a web design company and I still use all the Photoshop techniques that I learned from Joel."

- Francis Navarro
Digital Coloring Pro

Benedict Coo
Billy Hernaez
BJ David
Felix Lerio
Jed Vergara
Kenneth Pascual
Kevin Ang
Kevin Beltran
Louie Lu
Teddy Pavon

Digital Painting BASICS

"Sir Joel’s workshop is interesting. It challenges and makes me think of different perspectives to come out with good looking art. Every time we end a workshop I have this strange addiction to the art I’m working on and would want to perfect it as much as I can. His critique is valuable too if you really want to have a good and honest opinion about your art and how to improve."

- Camille Chua
Digital Painting Basics

Adrian Rapanud
Anna Chua
Belinda Ang
Camille Chua
Lance Lee
Rafael Ortiz
Raymond Sunico
Richelle Tamayo
Robert Lim
Zhayne Soriano