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"I really enjoyed sir Joel Chua’s classes, he taught me ways to color I never thought i could till i took his classes. "

- Benedict Coo
Digital Coloring Basics
Digital Coloring Pro
Digital Painting Basics

For your FREE 30 minute assessment and demo at the studioas well as any questions you have on payment terms please feel free to contact Joel Chua.

You can chat with Joel here if he's "Available":

or text call him at:

+632 5765042 (Telefax).

or text him at:

+63 916-7481644

or send an email here. Please include a message!
(I don't reply to questions on how to do this-or-that on Photoshop - unless you're a Pixel Pintura student.)

You can also SIGN UP at the Pixel Pintura home page for his FREE TIPS+TRICKS for EXPRESSIVE & IMPRESSIVE Digital Coloring and Painting.