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"Mahusay magkulay yang si Joel sa computer."

- Ige Trinidad
Digital Coloring Pro


"He is strict, but a GOOD TEACHER."

-Belinda Ang
Digital Coloring Pro
Digital Painting Basics


"Hello. I have been teaching and developing the Pixel Pintura Workshops since 2002. I have been doing digital coloring & painting since 1999, particularly for work in comics, children's books, animation, games, and advertising. During these workshops my hope is that you benefit directly from that experience whatever you intend to do with the skills you will learn.

The Pixel Pintura workshops are my way of advancing artistic excellence in the Philippines. Contact me now to schedule your FREE 30-minute assessment and demo session at my studio. You will find out which workshop is best for you. 100% NO PRESSURE for you to enroll.

In fact, you can even just SIGN UP FOR FREE TIPS & TRICKS on digital coloring & painting, making the most of art workshops, and getting exposure and money for your work! It'll also keep you informed on Pixel Pintura news & offerings."


- Joel Jason Chua

What to expect from your workshop experience:

  • The workshops are conducted at my home studio. It's hard to find but there is more than enough parking. No vicious pets. When you come on a weekday, expect there to be other people working there.
  • We will be using a PC, at least a A5-sized Wacom Intuos 3 graphic tablet, Adobe Photoshop, and the English & Tagalog language.
  • The workshops will neither have sessions on how to draw nor are there handouts for you to review. Not yet anyway.
  • There are take-home assignments. Bring a USB drive, and do the assignments because we need you to come up with your own questions, mistakes, and your own answers.
  • We're pretty open around here. You can eat if you must, and you can use the toilet of course. You can expect me to eat and use the toilet as well.
  • We may or may not have music playing as you work - it depends on you.
  • In Digital Coloring PRO expect to think hard because I will push you to think. That's what you're paying for.
  • I recommend that, until they reach their teens children must take up traditional drawing and painting workshops before any Pixel Pintura Workshop.